How Do I Get a Private Island in Albion Online?

In this guide, you will find out how you get a Private Island in Albion Online.

In order to get a private island, you have to buy at least 30 days of Premium. You can buy a premium for a character by clicking the crown icon at the top right side of the game screen.

The other option is to log in to your account at

If you are buying premium within the game, you can also make the payment by using the silver which you’ve earned from your adventures.

But the free three-day premium award is not a substitute for the minimum 30-day premium to buy the private island.

When you have bought the premium, you have to find the island vendor. You can find it in the major cities where you hang out frequently.

After that, you will be able to travel between your island and the city where it’s located for free.

But if you want to go to your island from any other city, then you have to pay expensive travel fees. The island vendor looks like a pirate or a ship’s captain.

You have to use the N key to open the zone map in a city, and you will find the island vendor on the map.

You just have to click the island vendor to purchase your Island for silver.

The price of a level-one island varies. You can also buy upgrades for your Island and these come with aesthetic improvements and more space to build.

Now you must upgrade the island at least once to level 2. But if your premium status expires, you can still keep the island and have complete control once you bought the island.

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