How Do I Sell My Items in Albion Online?

This guide will show you how to sell items in Albion Online.

In Albion Online, every town and city has a market and that’s where you can sell your items, except when you’re in Caerleon.

Because it has its own black market that will buy directly from you.

The marketplace will always be near the bank. So you need to press “n” to open your cluster map and search the icon for an Auctioneer’s gavel.

To sell your items in the marketplace, you have to click the Cell tab on the right-hand side of the interface.

This tab has everything listed which is currently in your inventory except the items that are worn by you or the items in your bank.

Keep in mind that if you have previously searched for something on another tab using the search field or the filters, those settings are still in place.

Now if you have something in your inventory and it doesn’t appear on the Cell tab, then you need to click the refresh icon next to the search field and the filters to clear them.

Items with durability like weapons or armor have to be fully repaired before you can sell them. Damaged items will still appear in the inventory list but you won’t be able to sell them. If you want to sell them, you have to take them to the repair station nearby and get them fixed, then come back to the marketplace to sell them.

Click the sell button next to the item you want to sell but if you see an option to sell the item beforehand, it means there’s already at least one buy order placed by another player to buy your item. And if there is more than one player placing the buy order, then the offer with the highest price will be displayed first.

You can choose to sell your item at the price offered if you need quick cash. But if you want to get the fair value of that item, you have to select the Sell Order option.

Keep in mind that other players are free to set any price they want on a buy order. Therefore the buy-order offer is a lot less than what the item is actually worth. But if you use a sell order, the marketplace UI will check all of the items that are for sale in your location and are exactly identical to yours. Then automatically fill in the lowest price offered by your competitors.

It is better that you accept that price because it is the best chance of selling the item soon. When you place a sell order, you’ll get an in-game email message and when your item is sold, the silver will be credited to your account automatically.

But if you don’t want the price being offered to you at the marketplace, you can recycle that item at the repair station and it will disintegrate into the materials used in making it and some silver.

If you want to invest in your crafting ability, then you need to take the item to its relevant crafting station and move it to the study tab in order to trade the item for some crafting fame of the same type.

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