How Many Vehicles Can You Request At Once In GTA 5 Online

This guide will let you know how many vehicles can you request at once in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.

First, you will need to go to the emergency services on your phone as it says it is an emergency service that you need a vehicle.

You can get one, though the passenger might end up dead. Through your interaction menu, you can make a request for a total of 4 different vehicles that being the moc adventure terabyte and Kosaka. At the same time, you can only have one of these.

By getting one of these, now you are also able to make a request for a sparrow or if you are in the water, you can make a request for a dinghy.

As both are very useful, especially the sparrow being an instant spawn as well as with your CEO menu. If you are a CEO, you can also request a buzzer at the same time giving you the option of having two different vehicles.

If you are an MC president, you can instantly spawn a bike, or just request your personal vehicle like you normally would.

An email will allow you to source a motorcycle with bulletproof tires.

The oldest option you will have is a pegasus.

Mis Bekar will allow you to request a luxury car that can be cognizant of Cabrio Windsor, super diamond duster, or felterz.

You can also go to the old school by requesting a cab which will be delivered to your location. Sometimes they don’t do the job quite well.

Tony will allow you to request a limousine which can either be a patriots stretch or the regular stretch. If you want to go somewhere in style or you need some seats, then it will be a good option.

Agent 14 will allow you to request some transportation in which you can get xeon classic candy or some other junk that you will not like to drive.

Franklin allows you to request the company SUV which is the Jubilee and it also comes with some armor plating.

Mis baker will allow you to get a limousine service for your casino for your gambling.

At last, the executive assistant will allow you to request a luxury helicopter, to go where ever you desire for a very small price.

So as a result, you will get 15 vehicles at a time.

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