How People Cheat Creatively in Pokemon Go

Years ago, playing Pokemon means inserting that damn cartridge into your Game Boy, and that’s it. In this generation, Niantic brought the series to the real world. You walk, you run, you visit places, you hatch eggs, you walk, you capture Pokemon, walk, capture lots of zubats, walk, walk, walk…

Naturally, many players just refuse to go outside. So just like any other game, various ways of Pokemon Go cheating have ensued.

There are many reasons people cheat just to play Pokemon Go. Maybe you are in a place with zero Pokestops. Maybe you don’t have a phone.

But most of the time, many are just plain lazy. Here are some ways people cheat in Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go Cheats: How do People Do it?

  1. Get that Gym!

Losing gyms means you lose some prestige, and the new Pokemon trainer who takes over will earn the coins. So what do people do? There are some who literally look for gyms with no trainers or those who have not yet been owned. Many can still be found in provinces. Since there are few people who play in those areas, the gym will naturally go unchallenged. Of course, the trainer gets free coins.

  1. Egg Hatchers

Are you a trainer who enjoys being at home doing nothing instead of going outside to hatch these mysterious eggs? Worry not! You can have someone or something to help you give birth to these precious beings.

Bicycle/Fans/Turn Tables

For all we know, hatching eggs need to meet the required kilometers that you need to travel. If you do not have any real-life pets with you, then you can consider using these things in your home. You just need to be resourceful enough to make those Pokemon go out from your collected eggs. Make sure not to use the microwave’s spinning plate for it may leave your phone wrecked and useless.

Toy Train

In Japan, a trainer used a toy train to gain XP and hatch their eggs effectively. Because, why not? As long as it works, it ain’t stupid.

Before letting your dogs or any pets roam and play outside, attach your own smartphone to any cloth that they will be wearing. Voila! You can now sit down, throwing your favorite ball as you enjoy the view outside. Make sure to keep an eye on them, they may bring your precious device somewhere dirty out there.

  1. GPS Hack

Though we do not recommend any players use this, we will still be tackling this method in this article.

The GPS Hack or also known as GPS Spoofing is one of the most used cheats in the world of Pokemon Go.

This spoofing means that you can locate yourself from any other places, or positions on a particular map that you are in right now. In short, bluffing your whereabouts at this very moment.


According to Looper, PewDiePie, a well-known Youtuber, also utilized a drone while playing the game.

All you need to do is secure the attachment of your smartphone to it and make the drone fly afterward. With the use of your Laptop, you can control the game from your current location.


BlueStacks is a popular application on PCs wherein you will have an android-like interface when you open it up. With the Playstore available in the app, you can download and play almost all kinds of mobile games that are available today.

Once you successfully rooted this device, you can now use a fake GPS app while playing a modified version of Pokemon Go.

According to a tweet, players who downloaded the APK version of the Pokemon Go app directly from the internet will be banned. Take note, Niantic will target your device, not the account that you used. Here’s a screenshot from Looper’s video:

Always remember that using any kind of harmful tricks/hacks or anything you want to call it has its own corresponding punishment. So if I were you, I will still play the game fair and square to avoid being banned from the game

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