How to Access “Locked Islands” in GTA Trilogy

This guide will let you know how to access the “Locked Islands” in Grand Theft Auto TRILOGY (Definitive Edition) early.  

You might know that you can easily get to Staunton island by jumping from one half of the broken Callahan bridge to another.

Let’s see if it works on the definitive edition. It’s impossible to use this method on a new one! 

Here is a working method; it works for the original as well. You will need to align the car right here and get out of the car, and you’ll not fall into the water.

Now you are on the top of the tunnel, from Portland to Staunton Island. 

You have to continue the path then jump into ‘water’ at the first left turn. 

To get to the next island, you will need to get a vehicle and go through a tunnel. 

You can now complete achievements even before the islands are unlocked!    

You can go straight to the third island by continuing the ‘underwater’ path and running until you find an ‘invisible wall’. 

Now jump into the water; you shall be spawned at the third island. 

Grand theft auto vice city

Here’s how you can get to Starfish Island early without using cheat codes. 

You have to use a taller vehicle to jump to the island. 

Here’s a method you can use to get to the west island early in the game. 

The ‘vehicle-bridge method’ still works on the definitive edition. 

It is the easiest way you can use if you want to get to the other side early without using cheats. 

Now all you have to do is set a boat and go to the west island.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Starting from San Andreas, the protagonist can swim. So, you can swim to the locked areas. 

But you will get a 4 star wanted level. 

Here’s the easiest way. Start “Drive-by”. (5th mission given to the player by sweet). 

During the mission, the player will not get any wanted level. It’s time to explore! 

CJ will not get “wanted” until he dies during the mission drive-by! So this is the best time for early exploration!  

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