How to Activate Bots in Firing Range

This guide will let you know how to activate the Bots in Firing Range (Season 9/10) in Apex Legend. 

1. You will need to drop your weapons and ammo for this to work. 

2. Then, you have to go to the charge tower on the left from the spawn area and use it.

Make sure you are using a legend that can fly/ take height. 

As of season 9, Valkyrie is the easiest legend for this. 

3. You will need to get onto the high platform in the spawn area and switch to any other legend that is not the one you are using.

You should hear this sound when you select another legend.

As you can already see, the bots are no longer static, and you can fight them. 

To deactivate the bots, you have to return to the lobby and load the firing range again.

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