How to Activate Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator

This guide will let you know how to activate the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator. You have to follow the simple steps to activate it. 

To activate the Steam guard mobile authenticator, you must use the steam application on your mobile device. Go to the Play Store or Apple store, search for Steam, and open the application. When it is open, go to the three lines, select the option, and then go to the steam guard on the top. There you have to choose the option and then go to add authenticator. Now enabling steam guard mobile authenticator on your phone provides the best level of Steam account security.

Each time you sign in to Steam, you’ll be asked for a unique code you can access right here on your phone so let’s go to add authenticator. Now it says step one: add a phone to your account. You have to enter your phone number below with an additional prefix so let’s type in my phone number. Then for step two, it says to confirm your email. First, you need to verify that you are you. Please check your email and click the link we sent you before continuing, so go to next now and then go over to my email address.

You will now receive an email from Steam adding a phone number to your steam account. So it says, “We received a request to add a phone number to your account”. You will need to go to add a phone number. You may now close this Window and proceed, so press ok now since we confirmed the email and go to next. We just received a text code from Steam 89977. 

Step three is to recover the code. Take a minute to write down the recovery code. You will need this code to identify yourself as the owner of this authenticator. After that, you need to take a screenshot and click on the done option. Step four, so it says success. This device is now your steam guard mobile authenticator. Remember to remove this authenticator from your account before deleting this app or restoring your device, so this is the code up top that we would have to go ahead and type in to sign in to Steam.

So when you go to the mobile app, go to steam guard right at the top, and there’s the new code. Now it says, “tip if you don’t share your pc you can select remember my password” when you sign in to the pc client to enter your passcode and authenticator code less often.

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