How to Activate The Two Bells Of The Ruins In Genshin Impact

In this guide, you will get to know how to activate the Two Bells Of The Ruins in Genshin Impact

The first bell has glowy symbols with two sealies below, so you need to position them, and then they will activate the left and right source. Then below, an emitter will automatically give the lumen energy to activate. The one which the seelies can’t get, you have to activate it yourself. 

You also need to make sure to activate all four simultaneously; you will find the third one on the right side, so you have to activate it as well, and there will be pulsing energy on it. After activating the fourth one, you need to open the chest, which will give you sealy, and then you have to fly up with it to activate the last bell.

After that, head back to the lower level, defeat the boss, and then you have to ring the bell. You will need to smash the bell as hard as you can. You need to have the energy for the second bell and then head over to the wind current. You need to go to the upper side and don’t stay in the purple zone because it drains your lumen energy fast. 

On the top, you first need to activate the root, and then you have to destroy the purple crystals using lumen energy.

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