How to Activate the Yacht Defences in GTA 5 Online

This guide provides you the knowledge to activate the yacht defense in GTA 5. Enabling this feature might restrict you from using weapons and other explosives in the game. The complete guide is given below about how you can enable the yacht defenses.

If you turn this feature on, then you cannot use any weapons or explosives while you are on your yacht. It is a vice versa action that if you cannot use any weapons then anyone who is chasing you will also not be able to use any of his weapons on your yacht. They can only use a knife if they jump into the water. To start off, first, you have to go to the Interaction Menu.

Now move to the Services option

In the Services option, you will find the Galaxy Super Yacht option right there.

Once you click on the Galaxy Super Yacht portion, you will be redirected to this particular page.

There are different options available on the menu which appears after this screen, in which shooting is one of the main options. You can select which players you want to shoot. Moreover, you can also select whom to give access to the yacht if not everyone.

You should not prohibit anyone from swimming on your yacht. People can either use a boat or a plane from your yacht. If they make use of a parachute then they may still be able to get to the boat. There are some other interesting features that you can easily unveil by exploring the Interaction Menu.


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