How to Add a Friend in Sky: Children of Light

This guide will let you know how to add a friend in Sky: Children Of Light.

First, you will need to go to the settings option on the top right side of the screen and tap on the invite option from the menu. To create a friend invite, you first have to assign the name, then click on the Create button to generate a unique QR code. You can only use this code once because it is not for multiple sharing. 

There are two different ways to send an invite; for the first method, you can screenshot the code and send it to your friends or tap over to the share button that will pop up in the share menu. You can choose the app from which you want to send the invite to your friend.

To receive a friend invite, you have to tap over to the invite tab and scan the friend invite tab. From there, you can scan the invite from your friend’s unique QR code while using your camera, and also you will be able to import it from your gallery. When you tap on a QR code image, it will scan the code, and then you can tap on the confirm button, which will allow you to accept the invitation.

If your friend successfully shares his QR code, you need to go to that application he sent you. Then you have to click on the link, which will open the QR image, so you need to click on it. After that, click on the Verify button and then accept the invitation. 

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