How to Add Friends on Steam

In this guide, you will get to know what mistakes you should avoid and how to add friends to your steam. 

Open your steam client. There will be a Friends & Chat option at the bottom right corner. A small window will open up. You can search your current friends and can see the incoming friend requests here. There’s an add friend option, just right to it.  

After clicking on the add friend option, a new window will open up. There you will have to Invite a friend with a link, Search for friends, and friends on Facebook options. 

By clicking on Go Search in the Search for friends option. A screen will be visible, where you can search for a friend. An important thing you should know is that you must search for your friend with their nickname instead of the username. 

Now you just have to click the Add Friend option. Click on the profile to see more details if their account is public.

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