How to Add Horn In Bus Simulator Indonesia

In this guide, you will know how to add different horn sounds in Bus Simulator Indonesia. You have to follow a few steps in the guide below:

You can add any music or voice of a person to use as a horn sound in Bus Simulator Indonesia. All you have to do is go to the Garage option. 

Here you see many options to perform different tasks.

Now go to the Horn option.

You have to download the horn sound or any music which you want to use as a horn. There are three options available here for you. It means you can use upto three horn sounds. Now go to the Browse Audio of any number. Head to either the Device’s Gallery or File Manager.

If you go to the Device’s Gallery option, you have to click the Select track option. Then you will need to choose the sound you want to put as a horn sound. Click on OK, and you are done. 

Now repeat the steps to select the other sounds if you want on the remaining numbers.

Now click on the Apply option. You have two options. You can either watch the ad or pay the money. 

Now check the horn sounds and enjoy the game.

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