How to Afk Farm Money on Work at a Pizza Place

In this guide, you will learn how to AFK farm money on work at Pizza Place. 

The software you are going to use is only an auto-clicker.

To download the auto clicker, you need to go to this link “”

And then click on “Download Free Mouse Clicker”.

The file should download automatically.

There is no need to install it; the software is ready to use.

It is how the auto clicker looks; it’s very simple to use. 

Now, you will need to launch the Roblox. 

And choose the cashier job. 

You have to wait until the next paycheck (or ask the manager to have a bonus). It is an important part.

Once you have your paycheck, you will have to remember the position of the cash-out button. (marked with the green rectangle). You can do it the way you want.

You have to go exactly here and look in the same orientation as shown in the image below. Go to the settings and click Edit Avatar.

After that, reset your character (you can press ESC, then R, and then enter). Wait 10 seconds and then click Done.

Now you should have this (the camera is “fixed” at a point). Your character should be at the building entrance or the cashier’s place. You have to go somewhere where you will not draw attention from someone.

It is highly recommended to sit on a chair! 

Now we can start the auto clicker (EDIT: not the auto typer, it’s not useful anymore).

In the auto clicker, you have to put 1 second and 0 milliseconds in the interval. 

Place your mouse in the cash-out button zone so that:

  1. Your mouse in the zone 
  2. Your mouse is also on the pizza button.

You can try to move the camera until you have it. Then press CTRL +F2, and your mouse should click automatically every second on the button. 

Now, you can go AFK, and your PC will collect the paychecks for you!

Here’s an example of the paycheck collection. 

As you just saw, AFK farming at a pizza place is a complex process, but it will work if you do it well. 

To stop AFK farming, you will need to press CTRL + F3. 

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