This guide will let you know how you can AFK Farm in Roblox Bloxburg. 

The first thing that you must know is that it is not a hack or an exploit. The software you will need to use is a Macro Recorder.

This new method replaces the tree farm that has been patched since update 8.5

First, you will need to download a Macro Recorder from the following link.


Click on the green button download for windows and mac. Then check the box “I accept the license terms” checkbox.

After that, you have to click on Windows download (if you are on Windows); if you are on a mac, click “Mac download”.

Once the file is downloaded, you need to open it and click yes. 

Make sure that only the third box is checked. 

Click next, and wait for the installation.

Once downloaded, you need to click on Finish. A new shortcut should be added to your desktop as a result.

You can delete the first file because it’s not useful anymore.

It is how the Auto Clicker looks like.

Now, you will need to start Roblox.

Load any plot you want and then click on “go to work”.

After that, select a fisherman and make your way near the water. 

Then move the camera underwater so that you can see the fishing hook on your screen.

As you can see, the fishing hook goes down and up for a second. 

Now, you will need to open the Macro Recorder. 

Tap on ‘click’, and check the box “relative to current mouse position”.

After that, you need to click on “Wait for pixel colour”. 

And then place your mouse on the red fishing hook when it goes down. 

You have to press the space to set the mouse position and colour. The colour code is 990707.

Set the Colour tolerance to 50 percent and make sure it goes to ‘Next’ here.

After that, you have to set the timer to 30 seconds and then select start here. Once it is done, click on OK. 

Tap on ‘click’, and check the box “relative to current mouse position”.

You need to click on wait and set the delay to 2200; set repetitions to 10 (The Demo Version can do only 10). 

If you want more repetitions, you will need to copy all of these. Select all by pressing the ctrl+A buttons on your keyboard.

Copy and paste it. 

It is better to go until 6000 actions.

Then, go to file > settings and navigate to “hotkeys”. 

Select hotkey for playback (you can use ctrl+alt+p); you will need to press these keys to start the AFK FARM. 

Then click ok. 

You can go back to Roblox and make sure that the cast is written here.

It is better to set the graphics to a minimum.

After that, you will need to place your mouse on the ‘cast’ button and start the AFK farming(press ctrl+alt+P).

When the red hook hits the marker, it will click automatically!

Do not move your mouse or press any key. If you do, the AFK farm will automatically stop. 

How you can leave your computer and go AFK.

As you can see, the Macro Recorder waits for the red hook. As soon as the hook hits the red marker, the Macro Recorder clicks on the ‘pull’ button to collect the fish. 

When you start doing this, you will be at level 1, so you will not earn much money. But if you do this until you reach high levels, you can make millions of money very fast.

For example, you can leave this AFK farming during the night, and if you reach a high level, you will get more than 1M+. 

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