How to Always Win Scrap at Bandit Camp – Rust

This guide will let you know how to always win scrap at Bandit Camp (Rust). Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to win. 

You have to start with a base bet; start by betting your base bet on 1.  

You can split your scrap to make it easier to get the base bet. 

You will need to place a base bet on 1. 

You have lost! 

Once you lose, then you have to double your base bet. If you win, you just have to continue betting your base bet on 1 until you eventually lose, then follow the next steps. 

If you lose again, then don’t worry, keep doubling, and you will win soon! Just trust the process. 

+50 profit! When you win! 

Remember that every time you win, the amount for profit depends on your base bet! 

Again +50  profit! 

After that, repeat this method as many times as you like, experiment with bigger/smaller base bets to suit your preference, and enjoy your profit. 

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