How to Appear Offline On Overwatch

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter game that was released in 2016. What makes this game unique is the selection of heroes, who have their own unique abilities. Each hero comes with their own set of skills to complete certain objectives and win the game. More importantly, players can change their characters anytime during the game. It’s available on Windows, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One and is a free download for anyone that wants to give it a try.

Overwatch has a main focus on social interactions but for some players who don’t wish to appear online, this guide will provide you with some steps to appear offline.

For PC:

To appear offline in Overwatch, you’ll need to open Battlenet on your device and sign in. After those steps are completed, go to the top of the Battlenet client and choose your “profile.”Then find the ‘Appear Offline’ option here, tap on the ‘Appear Offline’ option and confirm.

For PS4:

First, go to your PS4’s home screen and click on your profile. After that, click on the “Set Online Status” box and select the “Appear Offline” option from the prompt to appear offline.

For Xbox:

You need to go to your profile on Xbox and bring up your Xbox profile page by clicking on your profile picture. Select ‘Appear Online’ from the drop-down menu and click ‘Appear Offline’ in case you want to be offline.