How to Ascend Weapon to 5 Stars – My Heroe’s Sea

In this brief guide, you will come to know how to ascend your weapon to 5 stars fast and easy.  

The first is to prioritize leveling 3 UR weapons to 4 stars, and next, level up another 3 UR weapons to 3 stars.   

You don’t have to prioritize your SR weapon at any cost; this sacrifice will pay off in the long run. 

The chart will show you what you need to ascend weapons in any star ranking. 

Leveling Requirements  

0 +0 =1 

1 +1+1 =2

2 level 30+2 +2 =3

3 level 40+3 +3 +3 =4

4 level 50+4 +4 +4 =5

Note that you don’t have to use an Ur; use your race or Uc to ascend your Ur. 

But to ascend your weapons, you will need sanguinite. You can get a sanguinite almost anywhere.  

Source of sanguinite

  • dungeon drop
  • Secret chamber drop 
  • Buy at arena upto 120/week sanguinite
  • Free 1 sanguinite store
  • Sharing the game thru setting 10/day sanguinite
  • Hell isle drop 

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