How to Auto Sprint in Apex Legends & Run Faster

This guide will let you know how to Auto Sprint and Run Faster in Apex Legends. You have to follow all the instructions carefully to do so. 

To autorun in the game, you will need to press up on the left thumbstick or the W key, and you will automatically start sprinting. You don’t need to press the shift or the left thumbstick. You can also turn on the auto-run to the specific location; you must double-tap the move key twice and start sprinting without pressing any key. 

To turn both of these options, you will need to press the options button from the controller and press the in-game options button. After that, tap on the settings menu, go to the gameplay tab and scroll down until you find the auto sprint option. You have to turn it on because you will always sprint while moving forward, but it delays your shots and reduces the control of movements. Now you need to press the W key or move it with the left thumbstick through which you will start sprinting, and you don’t have to click on the left thumbstick or the shift key from the PC. 

The next option in the menu is the double-tap sprint. You can sprint, then let go of the shift key, the left thumbstick, or the controller, and you will continue spring. You have to press the W key in a row or the left thumbstick upwards twice or click in, and you will begin to sprint. So those two options can improve your experience and running ability in apex legends. You can quickly punch the target, start shooting, and aim at the enemy. 

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