How to be a Good Caretaker – Roblox Twilight Daycare

This guide will provide you with the tips to become a good Caretaker in Roblox Twilight Daycare. 

Tip #1 

Before you start taking care of a baby, it is recommended to get everything ready first, so it won’t take much of your time running around getting bottles, food, and other stuff. 

Tip #2 

When a Baby is Crying/looks sad:

You will need to pay attention to the baby you’re taking care of; if it looks fine, then good. If they look sad, you have to press the check button on your right down corner screen, and the following window will popup to your left screen:

It’s essential to pay attention to these buttons on your right-down corner of the screen; they will only show up once you’re holding a baby.

Tip #3 Playtime

You have to take your baby outside to play for some time, but don’t forget to give

their breaks.

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