How to Be a Millionaire, by Working as a Bus Driver in GTA5 Rp

This guide will let you know how to be a millionaire by working as a bus driver in Grand Theft Auto RP.

If you are new to grand RP and you need a job, then it is recommended to work as a bus driver when you reach level 3.

For that, you have to press “m“, then click on the Bus Driver in My Job menu and select “Route to Work”.

When you arrive at the bus station, you have to rent a bus for $300.

Then you’ll get a choice of several routes in front of you on the left side of the mini-map.

It is recommended that instead of choosing the most paying route, you should choose the one with the least amount of time. You’d be driving around with it and accordingly how many times you’ll be able to pass it within the one hour. You will not get paid based on the length of the route but on the number of checkpoints, you pass.

So it is recommended that you choose Los Santos in city row as you can see this route has a lot of turns which means it has a lot of checkpoints on it.

The second advantage is the level system; the higher your level, the more money you get for your checkpoints. For example at level 3, you will get 137 dollars per checkpoint.

Now if you want to get level three instantly, you can buy it for 400,000 dollars but it is not recommended.

Unlike payment, the level is based on completely past laps on the route. For example; to get level two, you need to completely pass the route 35 times and for the third exactly 100 times accordingly. The longer your route, the slower you will get to your desired level. So it is another reason for you to choose Los Santos in the city route. The next thing recommended to you is not to use “s” on the brake instead always use the hand brake by pressing the space button without pressing “w”, so that way you will keep the engine’s rpm at maximum making it twice as fast to start and pick up speed at the corners. With that trick, you can save around two to three minutes in an hour.

The second tip is always to look at the map when you stop by. To stop, you will need to be in the center of this circle on a mini-map. So you don’t have to back up because the bus is very big, slow and clumsy.

If you suddenly have to slow down and back up, you will lose all the handbrake advantage that you have gained.

Another tip is that you’d need to turn around near the casino at the end of the route. To do it, you just reverse and that’s it that’s how you save up to one more minute per hour.

For one route in Los Santos, it takes six to seven minutes. You can manage to complete seven rounds in an hour which will earn you twelve thousand three hundred dollars. To get to level two to increase your salary, you need to spend about five hours so you can get to level two on the same day.

Another advantage of this job is that if you get a level 3 bus driver you can

even become a driver in a construction company where every hour people can easily earn thirty to forty thousand dollars.

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