How to Beat Night 1 In Roblox FORGOTTEN MEMORIES

This guide will let you know how to beat night 1 in Roblox’s Forgotten Memories. You need to follow each step mentioned in the guide to accomplish the task.

First, you need two or more people, so you can grab a random friend to make this work. Once you have two or more people, you can start the game.

Now one of your friends should go to the power room, and the other will go to the oxygen room, and you are the guy who will restore the oxygen. Inside the arcade, there are two rows of arcade machines, and you need to stand right in the middle. If someone is walking by the hallway, he can’t see you this is exactly where you want to be. Now as you can see, your friend won’t come in here, so every time the oxygen needs to be reset, you may just go over, click the oxygen restart ventilation, and it’s reset, and you won’t have to worry about oxygen for the rest of the game.

Now let’s say you are the guy that is on the power generator, so obviously, you need to head to the power generator.

The other friend will not come here unless you drag him back and will not come into this back area. So all you got to do is pretty much as long as you’re in the back area where both the generators are, you should not have any problem.

So now as no one can get the guy to replay the oxygen, and generators, you won’t have a problem winning and just like that, you have beat night 1 inside of Forgotten Memories.