How to Beat Raditz in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

In this guide, you will get to know how to beat Raditz in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. It will provide you with all the tactics to avoid his attacks and deal damage. 

There are two parts of the fight, and in the first part, you will have Piccolo on your side. You will need to charge up the orange bar on the top right side of the screen to help you out in the second part of the fight.

Then you have to press R1 or the right trigger so that Piccolo will come to help you out.  

When Raditz does the double lazer move called double Sunday, you have to tap X and dodge it. To dodge that move, you have to go straight up and down.

When he is done with his move, you have to hold the Triangle button for a bit long so that you can enter into frenzing mode, and then you can give him most of the damage.

You have to damage him with all of your best moves; you can use your fist or anything while in frenzing mode.

When he glows the light and charges up and attacks you, you have to guard yourself and defend yourself with the shield because when he does that, you can’t hurt him.

You have to use iframes to avoid damage and after that, press the X button to spam dodge. You have to use X very much because it’s the only way you can dodge him and if you can’t dodge it, then block his attacks.

After that, you will need to charge up your intensity meter and attack him with your full strength, and you have to use your healing item, as shown in the image below. 

After that, he will attack you with the little shining orbs; you have to block those, and when he is in the rage mode, move fastly and block it and dodge it for a bit. When he is in rage mode, he will ignore your attack and then attack you with his full strength, so you have to block him as long as he is in rage mode.

You have to hold left and then move right and left to dodge him in the rage mode; he will attack you with the double Sunday move again, so you have to hold the X button to dodge him, as shown in the image below. 

You have to dodge it because it will give you the most of the damage in the fight; you will need to dodge his moves and save your strength and then when he is out of rage, attack him with your full strength, and beat him. 

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