How to Beat Simon Grey in Amrine Expedition – New World

This guide will let you know how to beat the SIMON Grey in Amrine Expedition in the New World. It will provide you with some strategies to defeat him. 

It is tough to defeat SIMON Grey in Amrine Expedition in the New World compared to the Closed Beta. His attacks can give you massive amounts of damage. To defeat him, you will need a tank and healer equipment, and your friends must be on Level 22 to join you in defeating the SIMON Grey.

The first strategy is that if you are a tank, you need to lose the aggro on the boss. Then you will be able to distract the zombies from the other members, zombies will chase you, and the other members will attack the boss.

With the heavy gear, it is tough to run fast and dodge his attacks. It is tough to survive if your tank is at a low level. If you are at the lower-level tank, you have to distract the zombies from the other members. Make sure that the other members don’t attack them because they will respawn. 

The other strategy is that you can taunt everything there if you have the tank, but it depends on the tank’s survivability. The tank can die, but your group members have to give damage to the boss only. If they kill the zombies, they will respawn; it’s very hard to get aggro on them, and then the members will get damage from their attacks. If you have a higher-level tank, then you can defeat the boss and zombies. You must have healers with you if you have a low-level tank.

The third best strategy is that you can still taunt everything if you have a tank level 22. If you wear light armor, you can increase your running speed and give a good dodge to the boss and zombie attacks. It is difficult to run or dodge their attacks; it is recommended to keep moving because it increases your chances of survival.

You and your friends must take potions with them, and you must keep regeneration potions or Russian buffs to regenerate health. You have to stop moving around to heal yourself with the healer. As you know, you need to keep moving in the room to dodge the boss and zombie attacks. That’s why you need potions to regenerate health while moving.

These strategies can lead you to defeat the SIMON Grey in Amrine Expedition in the New World.   

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