How to Become a Mafia Godfather in Bitlife

In this guide, you will get to know how to become Godfather in BitLife. You will learn the missions and how to speed up the process to get at that stage.

You have to go to the Crime Option in BitLife to commit a crime. Extortion or Grand Theft Auto are the significant crimes in the game.  

You have to commit at least one crime in a year. When you do the extortion for the first time, you will find that your Notoriety has increased. 

You will get promoted when you commit more crimes in a year. You can also do a Bank Robbery. You have to contribute the total amount every time you rob a bank. 

You have to click the Report to the Family every time you will be asked. By doing this, the boss will appreciate you and invite you to dinner.

Now you will age up after you have committed crimes. When someone asks you to do something, you have to click the Do it, no questions button. It will lead you to be liked by everyone, and it will help you get promoted.

Grand Theft Auto is also a fun mission and the easiest one too. You have to choose the vehicle, and you are done stealing the car. You can also extort the bank and scare the victim to get the money. You have to contribute the total amount.

When you get the promotion offer, click on Agree to do it and take the oath

Extortion is the best of all the crimes because the chances to get caught are less than the rest. When you get caught, you have to escape from the prison. After you do it, you will come back to your mafia. So you can get promotions after repeating the Extortion process.

After some more years, you will get promoted to Caporegime.

After some more years, you will get promoted to Underboss. The last promotion takes more time but to speed up the process; you can Whack out the Godfather to become Godfather. After you have done it, you become the boss of the mafia.  

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