How to Become a Trader – Red Dead Online (RDR2)

This guide will be showing you the exact method to become a trader in Red Dead Online Redemption, to become the trader you would need to follow the following steps:

1 ) Once the mission is loaded, you will have to go to the post office. The Cripps will give you a letter there.

2) If you haven’t read the letter the first time then you will have to open the letter from your satchel.

3) Please on that letter option, you will see the letter from Cripps there.

4) Open the letter.

5) This letter tells you that Cripps has a business proposition for you.

There will be a business for you near the general store you can see that on the map below:

It will cost you around 10 gold bars, if you don’t have 10 gold bars then he will ask you to give him later.

6) Now go to your camp.

7) Approach the Cripps.

8) Now fo to options and press equipment.

9) Then purchase the butcher’s table.

Now, you have become a trader, make sure to follow all the exact steps above to become a trader.

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