How To Become A Warrior | Vesteria

In this guide, we are going to tell you how to become a warrior in Vesteria Roblox.

From the NILgarf shop, just head to the red building over there. Get through it.

Head to the portal with a red and blue flag on it.

Follow this rocky path. When you get to this part, go straight from here. And then just keep following the rocky path.

When you see a house in the way, it means you are going in the right way.

Just follow the path and you need to get to the redwood portal.

From this place just don’t follow the path. It is a waste of precious time because we have a short cut for you to follow.

You see the concave hill over there, head to it. If you are at level ten, try not to get hit by those rocks in the way and climb up the hill.

From here go straight. Aim is to take care of yourself and also collect chests.

Cross all the obstacles, just keep climbing the hill in a straight path and get to this place.

From this icey place, just follow the path because it is nearly impossible to climb up any further. Take a right from here.

Now follow this path after taking right. This shortcut will save a lot of your time.

Following the main path can take 15 minutes and this shortcut way to go there may take just five minutes. Collect any chests coming in the way. Finally you will reach there. Enter this cave.

Cross this cave and you will see another portal. We will take you to the warrior stronghold. This is where the warrior NPC is at.

Enter it and it will take time to start again and to show you a new path. From here just follow the path all the way to the castle.

That is where we have to come to get our warrior gear. By the way this dude is the one that you need to deliver the pie to.

From here just head to that grand door.

You will find a guy in there, he is the one you have to talk to become a warrior. You will need to be level 10 to get into any class otherwise he will reject you.

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