How to Become President in Bitlife

In this guide, you will come to know how to become president, and it will provide you with the best way to win an easy election in BitLife.

The first thing you will need to do is get rich. Once you’ve got a bunch of money, at least a billion dollars preferably, you can max out your campaign budget. After that, you want to have a child and then age up until they are 18 years old.

You also need to make sure their smart stat is high, and it is easy to change the stats with g-mod. But if you don’t have a g-mod, you will have to abandon the child and then have another child. Eventually, the message will pop up, they want to go to college, and you have to make sure that their principal is in political science. Now you will see that it says finance, so you have to disapprove of the major and then scroll down to political science, there you have to go try to change his mind, and he will agree with you.

If political science is not an option right there, you back out the app and try the whole process again. Now you have to pay for the tuition, and then you have to age up a bit. You will see that your son Drip graduated from university with an undergraduate degree in political science, so this is when you’re going to want to switch to your child’s life.

If you don’t have a g-mod, you can commit suicide, and then you need to switch to your child. If you do have a g-mod, you have to switch, and you will see that you will be with the character with a lot of money and the political science degree. 

So now you need to go to graduate school and look for a job. Go to education and law school, apply to law school, pay the fee with cash, and then once you graduate, you have to look for a job and become a lawyer. Now you have to age up a bit until you can run for governor.

After that, you will need to run for governor of New York, and for a political party, people would recommend democrats because they openly support the democrat party in the United States. So you have to click social issues and check whether you make it onto the ballot. If you are not on the ballot, you have to work a bit longer at this lawyer job. Once you reach 35 years old, you can try running for the president of the United States, and it is challenging to win without going to governor first, so first, you have to try running for governor of New York.

Now you have to fast forward five more years and try democrats economy 10 million dollars, and there you will see that this time you have got it. So now you have to answer all of the scenario questions. So first, one will always treat them with respect. Following will make it a fashion scenario because your fashion-conscious campaign manager suggests that you freshen up your look, which will help your chances of getting elected.

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