How to Befriend/Recruit Apes to Your Tribe in the Humankind Odyssey

This guide will let you know how to befriend and recruit apes to your tribe, Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey

If you have a smaller tribe for a hominid to come close to your camp, you have to evolve and look around and find one of them. If there is one nearby, you have to go up to them, and there will be five different things that could be wrong with them. These apes are needy, and they have all kinds of problems. 

Now you need to lie down on the ground, and you will see that there are five different types of apes, so you need to press the Q key to open the explore menu, scroll down and choose the generous leader option. Now on the right side of the screen, you will see four different types of apes, so from there, you can prevent hungry apes, thirsty apes, frightened apes, poisoned apes, and injured apes, as shown in the image below.  

If the apes are hungry, poisoned, and thirsty, you need to cure all these apes, and you can cure them with fruit. If you have a hungry ape, you have to feed them, and if you find a thirsty ape, you need to feed them coconut or some other fruits to cure its thirst. 

The injured ape will have a broken bone, so to cure them, you need to give them a horsetail, and if they are bleeding, you have to hand the horsetail to them. 

The outside apes are the most difficult ones to cure because you first need to examine them, and then you need to give them proper medications.

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