How to Blind Travel in Minecraft

In this guide, you will get to know how to Blind Travel in Minecraft. And you will be able to know about the stronghold spawn locations. 

Blind Travel is a trick that is used to find the stronghold faster in Minecraft. So when the speedrunner has the pearls and blaze rods, they create a nether portal at a specific place in the nether world. If it is done with accuracy, it increases the chance to spawn near the location of the stronghold

Strongholds spawn in a ring shape and at an equal distance around the center of the world. 

Three spawn in the first ring, six in the second ring, ten in the third ring and so on. The gap between the rings is very wide, like a distance of several hundred blocks. 

Now all you need is obsidian from trading to make another nether portal. You need to know the specific coordinates before traveling. You must go to one of the coordinates mentioned in the image below and create another nether portal there. It highly increases your chances of getting spawned near a stronghold.   

In this case, the coordinates for which it aimed is 0,220.

Now make another nether portal at one of the above coordinates. 

Then after spawning here, you will see random guesses like how many blocks away from the stronghold

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