How to Block Messages on PS5

This guide will tell you how to Block Messages on PS5 & Stop spammers.

How to stop the notifications:

You will need to press the PlayStation button and go to the control center. You will find the notification button there,  click on this button.

Now on the top, you will find the “Do not disturb” option, you need to turn it on. By doing this, no notification will pop on the screen while you are playing a game or watching a movie.  

You will find a cross on the Notification button, which tells that it is turned off. 

How to stop getting messages from others:

One thing you can do is, go to your profile and you will find the privacy settings button on the right side of the screen.

Scroll all the way down to Communication and multiplayer, and you will find the second option “who can interact with you through games parties and messages”. You need to set it to “only me” so that no one will send you a message or you can decide which one you want. 

How to block messages from a person:

Go to the game base and navigate to messages. You need to find the person who is sending you spam messages.

After finding that person, select him/her or go to view members to select his/her profile. Then go to More and select “view profile” and once again go to More. You have to click on the block under the profile. 

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