How to Build an Amazing Monster Legends Team

This guide will let you know how to build an AMAZING Monster Legends Team. This guide will be really helpful for beginners.

There are three different types of monsters, there is a support an attacker, and probably a megaton. If you have all three of those monsters, you can have a pretty good team.

If you don’t know what a megaton is, it has a trait, a status caster and it is probably one of the most important traits in the game. It makes all of your enemy’s attacks go to this monster. It is a tank, it can tank all the damage, and then, your other monsters will not get injured at all. You will be able to do the damage back and attack as much as you can, so yeah definitely try to get your hands on a megaton because it is very important.

The next one is an attacker but for an attacker, you have to get a pierce monster. And if you don’t know what a pierce monster is, it basically just attacks through megatons, evasions, and area dodges which is super useful. If the enemy has a megaton, then you can actually attack their other monsters, and since megatons don’t do that much damage. If you kill the other monsters then you should be good to just chip away at the tank until you win.

If a monster has pierced at rank 0 that would be probably the best because you don’t have to rank it up but if they have it at rank 3 definitely try to get the monster to rank 3.

The last one is going to be a positive effect removal or negative effect removal support. The damage boost is nice too but you don’t really need it. You can also get an attacker with a damage boost but if your attacker doesn’t have it, then you must try to get support with it.

The positive effect removal and negative effect removal are much more important and there’s some other great stuff that you can get like a still mirror on your megaton which can make it so that your damage goes back to them and you can also get like some status fights like ignite burn. The poison stuff or the new ones like repentance and hellfire are even better that can help you do even more damage.

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