How to Buy Groceries From The Store – The Sims 4

In this brief guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to efficiently purchase groceries from the Store in The Sims 4.

Step 1: Begin by pressing the ‘M’ key on your keyboard to open the in-game map. In the upper left corner, you’ll see the World Select icon. Click on it to open the world selection menu. From there, choose the HENFORD-ON-BAGLEY world as your destination.

Step 2: Visit the bar called “The Gnome’s Arms”. To proceed, simply click on the car icon positioned at the bottom right corner of the screen, confirming your visit to this lively location.

Step 3: Upon arriving at “The Gnome’s Arms,” take a moment to zoom out your view, allowing you to survey the area and locate the nearby grocery store. Once you’ve spotted the store, click on its image and a menu will appear, presenting you with various options. From this menu, select the enticing “Buy Grocery Shop Items” option, granting you access to a vast array of products.

Step 4: You can buy a big variety of products from the store ranging from fresh fish and juicy fruits to a variety of vegetables and even books. Pick the items that you want and click the tick icon to confirm your purchase. Your selected items will be safely added to your inventory, ready to be consumed or utilized as per your Sims’ desires.

Step 5: It’s important to note that the inventory of the grocery store is constantly changing. If your Sims have a particular craving or need something specific, be sure to return the next day for an updated selection.