How to Buy House Insurance in GTA Grand Rp

There are two types of insurance in Grand RP. The first is the auto insurance for your car and the other one is home insurance.

This guide will show you the pros and cons of house insurance in Grand Theft Auto RP and how to get that insurance.

As you can see in the image that the particulars of a property are shown, such as the value of the house, its insurance tenure, etc.

The first benefit of having insurance is that no one can rob your house and if you don’t have insurance and someone robs your house then you have to pay heavy fines for up to 200k. So it is better to have your home insured.

Now the insurance premium depends upon the number of garages in your house and what is the star rating of that house.

To avail of the insurance policy, you need to go to the capital building, which is marked by an American flag in the middle of the map. Also, make sure you have cash on hand while going for the insurance. You can withdraw money from the bank and ATM at it, but they will charge you a lot of tax. So bank withdrawal is the cheaper option.

Now the disadvantage of the insurance itself is the cash-out flow not only in terms of insurance premium expense but also the tax associated with it if you fail to pay your taxes then your house will be set for auction and you’ll be kicked out of it. So tax is a very important component of insurance and you can pay tax for 21 days at max. Also, note the taxes depend upon the state value of the house. You can also pay your taxes from the mobile banking app.

When you go for withdrawal at the bank you need to make sure to park at the right spot because the fines are too high, especially in server 1.

When you arrive at the capitol building there will be a secret service agent at the door. You can buy insurance from him by interacting with him. Now if somehow the agent is absent, then you can buy insurance from the receptionist. The receptionist will charge you 15% of the amount while the agent will charge you 10% of the amount.

Now if you’re buying insurance from an agent then you’ll be asked to remove the mask and will be asked some questions such as your house address, they’ll also check your passport.

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