How To Capture Nekker In Witcher 3 Collaboration

In this guide, you will learn how to capture Nekker in Witcher 3 Collaboration. 

Step 1: Make your way to the ancient forest that has greatjagras in it during the night. Either expedition or hunting quest works. It is recommended the quest called Hard to Swallow.

Step 2: You will need to hide in the bush in this particular area and wait for greatjagras to leave and come back. He will spit out an aptonoth to feed its younglings. Wait patiently. it usually takes about 2 minutes for him to get the prey and come back.

Step 3: Don’t interfere with thejagras when they eat; just wait for great jagras to spit out the food. A nekker will soon appear to join the feast, wear a chilli mantle and equip your capture net to capture it. Plain and simple.

Step 4: Profit

You can claim your reward at the bounty center since nekker is an endemic life. You can also place it in your suit.

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