How to Catch Fish – Lobsters, Crabs & More – Dinkum

This guide will tell you how to catch Fish, Lobsters, Crabs & more in the Australian Life Simulator in Dinkum.

To catch fish, you will need to get a fishing license from Fletch.

After that, visit John’s shop to buy a fishing rod and go to the nearest water source to find a fish by just left clicking. Or hold the left click to make it move further into the water.

When you see movement in the water, then it is time to start a small game by left-clicking. It will be hard In the start, the fish will try to go away and splash away. Don’t reel in at this point; if you do, you will see a stamina bar on the right side of the screen that will go down telling you that you are losing the fish.

You need to wait for the fish to stop splashing, then reel it in and you will get the fish.

For lobsters and crabs:

If you see some lobsters or crabs on the ground or something in the center of the water, you just need to jump in the water and press “e” to dive in the water. After that, move close to the creature and right-click on it to pick it up. 

There will be a warning as there are crocodiles and sharks in the river, so you need to be aware of those. As crocodiles can also walk on the land they are a little more dangerous for you.

In the case of sharks, they don’t kill you but they do hurt a little bit, so don’t dive in the water.

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