How to Catch Glitches in the Plant – Roblox Piggy Glitches

In this guide, you will learn how to catch glitches in the plant (Piggy Glitches). 

Here are some places you can glitch into, and how to kill them. One place where many people glitch into is under here.

Type in /e dance2 in chat (just type and not enter).

Walk into one of the railings backward. Open the chat quickly and press enter to do the dance 2. At this part of the dance, zoom in on the left side of your avatar.

You can now kill anyone here, be sure to have portal traps if you need to get back up.

This next one is for the people floating here. You will need to type in /e (Do not press enter the only type) and walk into the railings, then do dance 2. At this part of the dance, zoom in at the side of your avatar.

This is the closest to get to the glitch spot here.

Walk into the wall and jump. Type in /e laugh and at the farthest back of the laugh and zoom in front of your avatar.

You will find yourself under the Reactor thing.

Again, you can get out of here using teleporter traps. Hold the direction of the corner and zoom in in front of your avatar to turn around.

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