How To Change Ped Using Save Editor/Save Wizard – Mod In GTA 5 (PS4)?

GTA peds adds to the overall graphics and screen play of the game and make the game looks even more realistic. This guide will let you know how to change ped using save editor/save wizard in GTA 5 (PS4).

  • For changing the ped, you must have installed Save Wizard for PS4 MAX, GTA Save Editor and USB (PS4 Game Save). After meeting the requirements, open the GTA Save Editor and click on Open File.

  • Open the PS4 game, save and then click on Yes.

  • After that, you will need to click on the icon just next to Characters.

  • Here you can apply peds that are shared by the community, or you can apply it on your own. Click on the Main, then set the desired model type and model.

  • After that, Enable the mod by clicking on it.

  • A new ped can also be created by navigating to “Other”, then clicking on Ped Editor and select the mod that you want to.

  • After that, click on Save file.

  • And launch the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX and click on OK.

  • Click on the arrow, then on Current Game Progress and lastly click on Advanced Mode…

  • Click on the Export file.

  • Open the file that you want to export.

  • As the file exports, press 0 and then click on Continue.

  • Click on Apply and then click on Yes.

  • Launch the game, explore and enjoy.

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