How to Change the Arrow Speed in Roblox

This guide will let you know how to change the Arrow Speed in Roblox. You will also learn what the best arrow speed is.  

When you first start playing Funky Friday, you will have an arrow speed of one. The arrow speed is how fast arrows from songs scroll up or down on your screen while playing the game. To change the arrow speed, you need to tap over to the settings icon on the top left side of the screen, then scroll down and navigate to the aero speed section. You can change the speed between 0.25 to 4 and then click on the Confirm button, as shown in the image below.  

If you are a new player in this game and don’t know about the good aero speed you can use, you need to play with the default speed. And when you get used to that speed, you can increase it by point one and play with it until you are playing comfortably with that speed.

If you use the default arrow speed while playing harder songs, you will get into a section. You will get double-tap or triple-tap arrows quickly to time the sticks, but if your arrow speed is low, the arrows will be very close together, and after some time, it will become harder to time the inputs because of the lack of the distance between nodes. If you increase your arrow speed, the arrow will fly up or down faster on the screen, but there will be a good distance between them. 

You can also try certain arrow speeds of 1.5 or 2 to compare with other games you played, and you can also change the speed to the hundred of the decimal.

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