How to Check Scoreboard in Battlefield 2042

This guide will let you know how to check the scoreboard in Battlefield 2042. Go through the guide and follow the simple steps to check it. 

If you are using a PC, you have to press the Tab key to open the scoreboard. If you are on the PlayStation, you have to press the options button from the controller, which will open the options window. So now you need to tap over to the controller tab using the L1 or R1 button from the controller. 

After that, go to controller schemes and change the soldier controls to custom and the soldier button to custom. Then you have to go to controller mapping, tap on the foot and scroll down to the bottom until you find the scoreboard option. By default, a full map will be selected for the touchpad on your PlayStation controller, so once you restore it to default, you have to clear the full map for the touchpad. 

You need to select it and then press the options button from the controller, which will clear your full map and then move it over to the scoreboard. You have to press the X button on the scoreboard to do so. Now you need to select the touchpad and map it; after that, you need to close the menu and hold down the touchpad, and you will see that the scoreboard will open on the screen. 

From the scoreboard, you can see your squad performance and your kills. You can also check your overall score and the latency on the upper right side of the scoreboard, and if you want to check the time, it will be located on the top left side of the screen.

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