How To Clear Outskirts Efficiently | Cyberika RPG

In this brief guide, you will get to know how to clear outskirts efficiently in Cyberika RPG.

There are two ways to clear it.

First way: you will need a minimum 18 dmg baseball bat (10 percent dura) and 10 damage MVP (10 percent dura), no healings.

Buff: sugar rave chocolate bar for +10 defence (optional).

You will find 2 types of enemies, razor head freak(28 health) and mutated hound(18).

You can kill a razor head freak [bare hand] without taking dmg, 1 MVP shot then use the baseball.

Don’t forget to loot all the containers. Use a baseball bat to kill a mutated hound and leave one enemy alive.

If your inventory becomes full, you can use the trunk!

Don’t use healings so often, use ½ just not to die. And store weapons, credits, armor in the trunk.

After putting in all the good weapons and credits. Here is the trick, just die and you’ll be in an apartment with full HP.

Don’t delete broken armours, weps. You can get something by recycling those. So easy. And you will get good items with some healings.

As disturbances go high, there will be a regular in your way.

You can use guns, remember the regulator has good armour, so it’ll take less dmg.

If you have an iron fist, then use it.

Note: regulator has 100 hp.

2nd way:

14 dmg knuckles (20 % dura), 29 dmg baseball ( 5 % dura) bat. It is hard to get 29 dmg but you can use 25 with tacos, kill burger (buff).

But only for regulators, you know killing regulators is always rewarding. 28 dmg bat is important because the regulator has armour so smg will be 25.

And it is better not to go to the outskirts when disturbance goes 3+ levels. You may need 1-2 healings here, as only use 14 dmg knuckles.

One last thing if you don’t wanna mess with the regulator, then wait an hour to reduce the disturbance.


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