How to Combine Ally or Pets Skill – Elona Mobile

In this guide, you will learn how to combine Ally or Pet skills in Elona Mobile.  

Besides being sold, you can use this method if your ally is too much and has reached the limit. 

First, you will need to go to this place, as shown in the image below.

After that, talk to this NPC for a quest (at the bottom left of this map beside the ship). The reward for completing the mission is “Gene Machine”, objects to combine with.

You have to select the Ally who will receive the Gene.

And then select the ally who will donate the Genes. 

Here, you can see the result; the skills obtained are Two Hand, Spiritualism, and Eye of Mind.  

If your ally (who will be deleted) still wears equipment, it will drop. There are 11 types of items.

Besides selling them, another way to reduce them is to make them a skill.

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