How to Complete Captain Marvels Legendary Challenge Hero’s Heart In Midnight Suns

In this guide, you will find out how to complete Captain Marvels Legendary Challenge Hero’s Heart in Midnight Suns.

Hero’s heart is a legendary challenge to get a legendary ability and a legendary skin. You will need to start this challenge with a knee strike on your enemy and you will get a bit of damage and a bigger Shield. Then you have to use your Cosmic ray on the enemy.

Now you have to use the Fist of Radiance and knock him into the crystal. After doing it, go to binary to make your character more stronger, and then use the quick jab to kill the enemy.

After that, use your One Step Ahead to draw additional cards and then use Regroup to gain some more blocks. Once you’ve done it, you need to use All In to consume all blocks and increase their offense. Then destroy the crystal with Fist of Radiance and use the Rain of Blows to finish it off.