How To Complete Level 10 Contract In Cyberika: Cyberpunk Rpg

In this brief guide, you will learn how to complete level 10 Contract & get 26 dmg bat in Cyberika: Cyberpunk RPG.

You can use several tactics:

1 MVP 10 dmg +18 dmg bat

2 14 knuckles + MVP 10 dmg / 26 dmg bat (reaper, vandal)

You can take a broken armor or go without armor actually, 10 hard candies. Freak has 28 HP.

Here you can use 26 bat+ tacos to deal 28 dmg or 14 dmg knuckles.

It is suggested if you take armor, open it. And use when the reaper comes.

Goon has 75 hp, for melee goon use MVP + bat.

Easily kill shotgun goons with MVP. Shoot and run as MVP has a longer range than a shotgun.

Reaper deals 19 dmg while you are naked. So you will need to use the armor here.


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