How to Complete the Data Contract In GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will get to know how you can complete the data contract in GTA online. You need to be having a helicopter as you will be following a skylift helicopter. You need to follow the skylift until they drop off the red box beneath.

Then you have to get out of your helicopter and take a picture with the bunker. Send that picture for analysis and once you receive it back, you will be transferred to this bunker.

The second mission will be to steal the vehicle. Get on your helicopter and reach the location of the vehicle. You need to take the driver out, steal the vehicle and deliver it to your auto shop. The first prep mission will be completed over here.

Your second prep mission will be the defenses and again you will be using the services of a helicopter. You will be having 10 minutes to move to three different locations. This one will be your first location.

You will be needed to take the guy out of this vehicle in your first shot. The next two targets will be stationary targets. Now for the final mission of this contract, you need to drive back to the location where you took a photograph with the bunker. Be ready to face a guy because as you enter the bunker a guy will be there to shoot you.

Once you kill that person, now make your way out to all the hard drives

There will be a lot of guys ready to kill you but you need to have a good view of the mini map in this mission as you should kill those guys before they kill you.

Once you have stolen all the hard drives, leave the bunker and you will be taken to the final stage of this mission. Drive down to the dock area where the final mission awaits you. Put all the hard drives into this box so that the hacker can do his work.

The safer approach here will be to go out and kill all those enemies who will be coming to kill you rather than waiting for them to approach you.

Now the next part will be quite easy which will be to get the helicopter pilot killed and this will be it. After you have killed all the enemies, head back to the hacker and the contract will be completed.


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