How To Complete The Full Storyline| Your Bizarre Adventure

This guide will tell you the fastest way to complete the full storyline in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure. Follow all the step-by-step instructions in order to complete the full story line.

Let’s start, Talk to Giorno Giovanna and then defeat 5 security officers.

After you do this, you’ll get a stand arrow.

Talk to Giorni Giovanna again, and get another quest.

But don’t do that quest first, you have to use a stand arrow. Unlock worthiness in your character skill to be able to use it.

Get yourself a stand because you really need it. You have to get a stand that has a barrage and a barrage finisher with the “E” and “R” skills. You’ll have to get a stand like this. You’ll need the stand to complete faster.

Do not use your skill point on the stand skill. This is really important.

Now, keep resetting until you spawn here.

Follow my steps.

Here’s Koichi kun

Find Giorno Gioanna

Defeat Leaky Eye Luca

Now, the next quest will be a lot harder, so you don’t wanna do that first.

To defeat Bruno, I have an easy trick to show you.

So, get yourself 2100 dollars to get a boxing fighting style. How do you get money? Run around the map and find some gold coins or diamonds and sell it to this guy.

For Gold coins, it’s $120 each. Keep grinding money, trust me it’s definitely gonna let you faster than farming exp.

After you have gotten $2100 money, go this way to buy the boxing fighting style.

Give $2000 and become certified boxer, and $100 for the boxing glove. This is where you can use your skill point on, go to the fighting style skill tree and follow my build.

This is my build. Now you can fight Bruno easily (at train station) (if you did everything right you should be Iv6). I’ll teach you my deadly combo using a boxing style that works with all bosses.

When you start a fight, first use a jawbreaker, then stand barrage, barrage finisher.

And last, boxing barrage, and keep repeating it, you’ll notice there’s no cooldown lol.

This is really good because normally, when you attack the boss, he’ll just bayorrage u first. But using a jaw breaker will remove his barrage.

Also, if you mess up and your stand disappears, just use boxing barrage, jawbreaker and get your stand back like this.

Talk to Bruno bucciarati after you’re done. New Koichi kun.

Find Giorno Giovanna and give him a lighter to follow me.

He’s gonna tell you to go meet his crew, which is Fugo, Mista, Narancia and Leone Abbacchio. Just talk to all of them.

When Mista asks you his question, don’t answer “It’s four” or you’ll get shot lol.

And after that, talk to bruno bucciarati.

Now this will take a while Imao, he tells you must get $5000 and talk to Trish.

Ah yes finally.

Now talk to Trish. Get her task, and defeat Fugo (At train station).

If you want to use your skill point, use it all on the right side, the left side is just useless. Same thing, don’t use your skill point on this.

Talk to Trish again and get the 2nd quest. Defeat Pesci (train station). Talk to Trish “again” and find Mista. Mista is right here, across Pesci.

He’ll tell you to defeat Ghiaccio.

Time lapse fighting again.

If you think he is too hard to defeat because of his ice skill, don’t be if you just use my combo right, and don’t mess up, you can beat him.

If you barrage him, he can’t use it.

I messed up lol, let’s try it again.

Gottem but I died too.

Talk to Mista after you defeat him. Go find Bruno bucciarati.

You’re almost done at this point.

Last quest.

Talk to Giorno Giovanna.

Here’s Diavolo.

Before I fight, I’ll show you all of my children.

For character skill, I used my skill point all on Vitality. Let’s fight Diavolo.

Tip: You can try a perfect block against him.

I’m bad at perfect block lol.

I messed up the barrage.

There you go, now the storyline is completed.


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