How to Complete The Prison Contract GTA 5 Online

In this guide, you will get to know how you can complete the prison contract. You will drive to the guy where there will be a car. Then you and that guy will need to get into that car.

Once you drive, just let that person deal with his business. It might be a business of some drugs as it can only be judged by his behavior and actions. Once he gets free, he will get back into the car. Now you have to drive the car to Grove street.

The person who was with you in the car will move to his hideout and not long after 15 to 20 seconds, he will rush out as a gang will be chasing him. You will need to kill that gang and get in your car. After that, it is recommended that you just simply escape the gang as it would be the easier option and you will reach a police station.

Just get into your auto shop and the first prep will be completed here. Prep mission two will be the Access point. You will be asked to go to the Los Santos river where you will find a movie set.

Once you find the trailer, kill all of them and get into the truck. The security will be shooting you. And you have to hook the trailer up.

It will then be a long and easy drive, so no one will be there to chase you. Once you arrive at your location, simply leave this truck and get in your helicopter as the second prep mission will end here and you will head back to your auto shop in order to start the final contract.

For the final contract which is going to be the load out, it is recommended to use heavyweight or hustler. The start of the mission will be fairly simple as you will be just driving to the prison. You have to climb the ladder to get on the roof.

If you have an automatic weapon, then it will be easier for you to survive the attacks by the enemies. You will have to attack 4 targets. Once you kill all 4 targets then you will be told to rescue little d as he would have been transported to a prison bus. Now you will need to hack the panels and exit the prison. You will take out the guy who will be driving the prison bus and little d will immediately get into your car.

Now, head over to the final checkpoint. Once you have arrived, the mission will be completed. Some of the people will take little d from you.


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