How To Control/Reduce Recoil In Free Fire

This guide will tell you how to control or reduce Recoil in Free Fire.

  • The first thing is that you must not increase the size of the Crosshair. Do not fire the whole ammo in one go; instead, you can slip the ammo in two or three parts. If your gun has 20 ammo, you can fire 7 in one go, then take a cover and fire 7 again after a while.

  • If you are in long-range, you have to fire using the zoom feature. Zoom in to fire three ammo and then fire three again after zooming out. It will set your recoil, and you will hit the enemy every time.

  • When you are at mid-range, you will need to take cover, strike the enemy with 4 to 5 ammo and then move in cover again. It will prevent the recoil of your gun.

  • In the short range, you have to keep changing your position while attacking the enemy. Strike the enemy with 4 to 5 bullets, then change your position and hit him again. This ammo split will help to avoid the recoil.

  • If you are using the joystick, you will need to stand for a moment while attacking. But move rapidly after the fire to avoid the attack of the enemy.

  • The Foregrip increases your accuracy and decreases the chances of recoil, always pick this up.

  • The distance matters when it comes to recoil. If you are at a distance from the enemy, there are more chances for recoil. You have to stay closer to the enemies to avoid recoil.

  • The Sharpshooter skill will increase the accuracy drastically. Use the character, Laura, to get this skill.

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