How To Create Smurf Account In Mobile Legends Bangbang?

In this guide, you will learn how to create a smurf account or a new account in Mobile Legends BangBang. Go through the guide and follow step-by-step instructions to create one.

First, you will need to go to the phone settings and find the Mobile Legends application.

You need a duplicate application by which you can make a new account.

Now Tap on clear all data.

After that, go to the application and open it.

Note: Before doing this, make sure to bind your current account to google play games, moonton account, Vk, and FB account for you to log in back to your account any time.

If you want to keep the new account, make a new account on Google play games, Montoon, VK, and FB account, so you can easily switch between two accounts. Don’t forget to bind before anything, if you don’t want to encounter problems in the future.

Now set the name you want. That’s it, you should finish the tutorial the way you started playing the game from the start.

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