How To Defeat Genichiro Ashina

Genichiro Ashina is the main boss in the Ashina Castle area. He possesses a bow and arrows that may turn out to be very damaging for you. You will get 32,401 XP without Kuro’s charm NG+2, 97,201 XP without Kuro’s charm NG+7, 36,000 XP with Kuro’s charm NG+3, bloodsmoke Ninjutsu and memory: Genichiro as a rewards after killing Genichiro Ashina.

You can easily counter Genichiro Ashina by following the steps below.

How to defeat Genichiro Ashina:

When the fight starts, the enemy boss Genichiro Ashina will try to hit you with his arrows. But you have to dodge its attacks in order to nullify the damage.

He has the ability to recover his posture very quickly. He will not allow you to reach closer as he possesses range attacks but you have to keep attacking him with multiple hits.

You don’t have to worry about his great skills, just play your aggressive game and try your best to block his attacks. The main thing is that you don’t have to waste any attacking opportunity, whenever you get an opportunity to be the aggressor, just slash him with some lusty blows. Strike on to his neck to kill him.

He will come back one more time in a different form and attack you with some lightning strikes. But you do not have to be scared about that, just learn how to return them back and then you can easily kill Genichiro Ashina.

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