How to Defeat The Witch In Roblox Islands (Roblox Skyblox)

In this brief guide, you will get to know about how to defeat the witch in The Wild West Roblox game. The witch is at the new mob island.

Now go into this portal next to the mansion and follow the sign saying witch to the left.

You will need a formula 86, so you must have formula 86 in the stock. Keep walking to get the witch. Her potion can turn you into a rat, so be careful.

You cannot attack her before you have killed the mobs she spawns in and this will lower her health.

Keep killing the mobs. It will take some time to kill all the mobs, so have some patience. When you lower all her health she will be standing still.

Now throw formula 86 at her. The grand high witch will be down and she will turn into a rat. And you will get the trophy after that.

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